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Gas pipeline

The Northern Territory Government is progressing on the development of a gas pipeline and has selected Jemena Pty Ltd to construct and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline to connect NT gas to eastern gas markets.

The pipeline will help to make sure there is enough energy in the future for Australia and create economic opportunities in the NT that are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Northern Gas Pipeline (912.8 kb)

Northern Gas Pipeline Opportunity details

Where the gas for the pipeline will come from

The first supply of gas for this pipeline is expected to come from existing offshore and land-based operations in the NT.

The pipeline will then provide an incentive for gas producers to start new gas and oil projects in the NT - as the pipeline means they already have a definite buyer for the gas. 

Six of the NT's potential oil and gas basins are estimated to hold more than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas. 

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Economic opportunities for NT

The pipeline will immediately boost the number of jobs available in the NT.

This includes jobs and business opportunities to support the construction, operations and maintenance of the pipeline.

It also includes more jobs to explore and develop new gas and oil operations across the NT.

For Territorians this means local investment in schools, health and infrastructure such as roads.

Over time an increased supply of energy to the Australian market should also help drive down the cost of electricity. 

Northern Territory businesses and manufacturers need ample and competitively priced energy in order to grow.

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Fact Sheets

  1. Private sector and Government in partnership (933.8 kb)
  2. National significance: important gas infrastructure through an innovative approach (802.8 kb)
  3. Joining markets: route and the industry choice (577.1 kb)
  4. Sale of surplus PWC gas to Incitec Pivot: a win-win (865.6 kb)
Last updated: 01 Feb 2016